How to Get Apologetics in Your Church: Implementing Apologetics Ministry

by Max L. E. Andrews

how-to-get-apologetics-in-your-church-2Incorporating apologetics as a seminal role in the ministry of your church may not be the easiest task. I had a teaching pastor internship in the summer of 2008 with my hometown Independent Baptist church in Richmond, VA. I entered my internship during my junior year as an undergraduate with the support of the two pastors I was working with, the senior pastor and the youth pastor. I was given the task of starting a college ministry from scratch and doing what I could to ensure that the ministry would persevere when I left. Most of the students were coming out of the senior high youth group; so what better way to deepen and strengthen their faith than through apologetics?

Implementing an apologetics ministry takes much prayer, work, and patience. When praying for the ministry I ask God to send his Spirit upon us to illuminate our minds so that we may be critical and rational followed by a prayer of petition so that our hearts may be sensitive to the truth and the Spirit. The work involved in this kind of ministry is twofold: research and ministerial preparation. One cannot simply delve into apologetics without already having familiarity with the material. You must ensure your heart and mind has a firm foundation lest you doubt your faith and ministry. Those whom you may be ministering to may be in perilous times of doubt and questioning or they may simply need supplementation to their faith with intellectual vigor. Either way the leader must be firm in faith. This yields the ministerial aspect of the work and preparation. Not only must you have the intellectual and academic knowhow of the material but ministerial logistics is important as well. This could be included in the category of any other church ministry, which includes the time and location for meeting, audio/visual aids, handouts or material, references, etc. To be honest, you may not be met with joyful enthusiasm by the church or some of those in your ministry. Whether this incongruity is an intellectual hurdle or disagreement or a rejection of the ministry itself depends on the church. You may face extreme fideists—those who think apologetics is morally wrong and against the nature of faith. If the ministry is going to be fruitful and persevere the leader must be patient and handle these situations gently with prayer and tact.

There are two main components to an apologetics ministry that I have discovered to be pertinent for the growth of the church…


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