Is Christianity Intellectually Defensible?

by William Farley

A Shot of FaithTwenty five years ago I tried to share the gospel with a business friend. He politely responded that, given all the evil in the world, he could not possibly believe in a good God. This was the first time that I was confronted with the problem of evil, and I didn’t know how to answer him.

I Just finished a delightful new book titled, A Shot of Faith to the Head, by Dr. Mitch Stokes. Had it read it thirty years ago, I would have had an intelligent, unanswerable response to my my friend.

The author received his doctorate in philosophy at Notre Dame under tutelage of the world’s foremost Christian philosopher, Alvin Plantinga. He now teaches at New Saint Andrews in Moscow, Idaho. Plantinga’s thought has single-handedly turned many secular departments of philosophy into bations of theism. This book gives the layman a clear, easy to understand, tour of Plantinga’s thought.
Stokes devotes the first third  to foundational ideas. Then he attacks two of the new atheists major "defeaters" of the Christian worldview.  The first is the conflict between religion and science. Stokes shows that there really is no conflict. Science does not disprove theism. Rather, science, properly understood,  aggresively points to the evidence of a designer.

The last third of the book tackles the problem of evil. The problem of evil suggests that, because their is evil, pain, and suffering in the world,  God can’t be both good and soveriegn.  Therefore, God must be either good but not sovereign. He cannot stop evil. Or, he is sovereign but not good. He can stop evil, but he does not choose to do so…


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