It Should Never have Come to That Point

by Matt Kennedy

throw-christianity-in-the-trashI can still hear my youth pastor saying, “One in every three of you sitting in this room will walk away from church once you move to college.” I remember thinking he was off his rocker; I mean that’s ridiculous, right? We’ve been in church all our lives; it has become our deeply entrenched routine. What curveball could college possibly throw so that we would walk away from Christ and his church? The answer isn’t a simple one. For some it’s freedom, and for others its institutional liberal agendas.

I spiritually struggled once I got to college. There was even a consecutive couple month long window that I did not attend church. What all I did when I first arrived at college isn’t really important. What is important is that God in his amazing grace convicted me of my sins, and lit my path as I found my way to repentance. He then revealed to me that he wasn’t done showing off his grace, he was choosing me to be a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now, I do not mean to be misleading; this was a battle in my heart, one that took several months. In my efforts to be concise I do not want that to be lost. Through this rather intense process I grew a lot closer to God, and also became confident in that relationship, sometimes to err in blurring the lines of confidence in Christ and confidence in Matt. At this point you’re probably thinking something along the lines of, “well, this is nice, but what does it have to do with apologetics?” That’s next, for God had much to teach me about this increasingly blurry line.

I read a lot (by my standards) about the Great Commission and those that went to great lengths in an effort to fulfill it. So, I thought it a good thing to work on. I struck up a conversation with a man whom I knew was not a Christian, wholly anticipating to spit out a few Bible verses and to witness scales fall from his eyes as he saw the light, instantly converted. Well, that didn’t happen. What did happen is one rhetorical headshot after another that left me dazed and confused. Now, considering the rhetorical beat down that I suffered, God’s grace was once again in abundance, for my faith in Him was not shaken. Faith in Matt, however, was crushed.  I was left feeling that I had completely let God down. I was filled with “what ifs” such as, “what if no one reaches that guy?” or “what if there are other people that have his kind of oppositions, what should I say to them?”  It was a dark, but thankfully short season that resulted in my reading a popular Christian apologetic author to better equip myself.

By no coincidence, in just a short time I was forwarded an email about a guy named Adam Tucker (UNCG Chapter Director) who was trying to start an apologetics club here at UNCG called Ratio Christi…


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