Scientism – The Church of Science

by Arthur Khachatryan

PtolemaicIt may seem peculiar that ‘church’ and ‘science’ appear the way they do in the title of this piece, but what has happened in the modern era of appealing to science as a sort of a god, warrants nothing less. Science is the pursuit of knowledge, but today we generally use the term in a more rigid way – as that area of study which systematically explains the physical world. But the question that should quickly follow should be this: is the physical world all there is to be known of reality? And this is precisely where the modern use of science begins to shake under the weight of proper epistemology.

Science is a worthwhile pursuit. It helps us get a better understanding of the physical world, helps heal the sick and hurting, and often helps improve our lives. But our modern culture has absolutely fallen in love with empiricism. People today have very little use of anything other than what they can see, hear, touch, taste of feel. And, this is precisely why science as the revealer of the physical world has led many to think that it is the absolute authority over all other matters of thought.

However, despite its many benefits, science does not stand alone as the sole source of knowledge and does not have absolute authority over our knowledge of reality. Many would claim that it does and this is position is what leads people to the church of science where the dogma of such a position lays victim to the presuppositions that need to be met before science can even be done. This church of science is called scientism. It is the view that the natural sciences have absolute authority over all other interpretations of life, such as philosophical, religious, spiritual, or humanistic explanations, and over other fields of inquiry, such as the social sciences…


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