The F-Files (Part 3)

by Blake Anderson

the_f_filesJohn’s Understanding of Belief

We have previously summarized the nature of the semantic (meaning) aspects of faith in the Gospel of John as well as the grammatical connectives that are used to indicate an evidential element. Furthermore, we explored the types of evidence John used to point to belief. While it has not been an exhaustive review of the evidential lines to belief within the Gospel of John, it is, at least, a refutation to the idea that belief is fideistic and unconnected to fact.  See the attached chart (downloadable .pdf file) below for a detailed listing of John’s use of faith and the associated evidence. There remains the question we mentioned in the first article relating to Jesus’ seeming rebuke to Thomas for requiring to see before believing that Jesus had risen. 

Jesus said to him, “Because you have seen Me, have you believed? Blessed are they who did not see [this evidence], and yet believed.” ~John 20:29 (NASB)

Several responses should be noted. First, review the whole context before making judgments on meaning. A cursory review of the broader context of the verse should give one pause before saying that Jesus was condemning evidence…


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