The Poached Egg Podcast: the Role of Apologetics in Christian Life and the Church

TPE Podacst w Dan Call

It was a special privilege for me to have Dan Call as my guest as he just happens to be the lead pastor of my home church, New Life, in Springfield, MO. Pastor Dan recently led us in a sermon series titled, ‘”Hot Topics”, during which we had a panel of expert scholars and knowledgeable laymen to answer tough questions from the congregation related to theology and apologetics. In this podcast, Pastor Dan and I discuss the role of apologetics in the church and in everyday Christian life.

Should you be so inclined I’ve also provided a link below where you can listen to the “Hot Topics” sermon series from New Life Church.


or download as an mp3 here


The Poached Egg ApologeticsListen to ‘the “Hot Topics” sermon series here


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