Using The F-Word

by Nick Peters

Faith inscription on a granite blockDid you know that an old Christmas carol was supporting the homosexual movement? It sure was! Just look up “Deck The Halls.” You find in there the line of “Don we now our gay apparel.” There you go: the writer was supporting the homosexual movement.

“Nick,” you say, “that’s crazy! The word gay meant something totally different back then. It doesn’t make sense to put the modern meaning of a word onto its old usage.”

You’re absolutely right and that’s the case of what happens with the word “faith.” Relevant Magazine has recently featured an article saying that faith is "Christianity’s New “F-word.” Absent in the article is any mention of what faith is.

This is an omission curious by its absence. It does no good to say we want to uphold faith if we have no idea what faith is. In fact, even if we have our idea of what faith is, we must make sure that this is what is meant by the original usage of the word. We don’t want to sing “Deck the Halls” and think it’s supporting homosexuality. Are we sure we are not doing the same with our view of faith?

Faith is not belief. That is what is usually said, and like much common knowledge, it is wrong. Nor is faith believing something without evidence as the new atheists say. If this is what faith is, then the best thing Christians can do is to throw out the Bible—even as evidence for God. After all, why not just have faith? Why do you need the writings of the Word of God? Wouldn’t it show more faith to believe without the Bible? (Incidentally, new atheists who are telling us that faith is “believing without evidence” never seem to present any evidence of this claim. It’s just one they hold by faith.)

So what is faith?


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