What Jesus Would Have Fixed On Star Trek

by Michael K. Reynolds

Expendable_Star_TrekYou always knew they were about to die.

That is if they were a character wearing a red shirt on the hit 1960’s television series, Star Trek. Whenever those red shirt clad, lower tier actors would appear on the program, you knew there would soon be a planetary explosion, a molten lava spill, a transporter malfunction, a gravity vacuum or an attack by some deep cavern monster.

It’s because the show’s writers knew they couldn’t kill the stars or it would sink the ratings. The swashbuckling, womanizing Captain James T. Kirk was always safe. So too was the green blooded Commander Lieutenant Spock as were a host of other stars on the show.

But if you were handed a red shirt at dress rehearsal during filming, it was a clear sign you were about to become intergalactic dust.

The red shirts. They were expendable. Expendable people.

Don’t we deal with shirt colors every days in our lives?


The Poached Egg ApologeticsWhat Jesus Would Have Fixed On Star Trek | Michael K. Reynolds


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