Why Intuition Leads to God

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intuition - apologeticsThe Cosmological Argument is one of the basic arguments for the existence of God.  It depends to some degree on the intuition that most people seem to have that things which come into being require a creator. Since the universe came into being, it too must have had a creator, and that Creator is God. The logic is sound, and as long as the premises are correct, the conclusion is inescapable.
Yet some people refuse to follow where this line of reasoning leads. Recently, I conversed with a skeptic who claimed that his "intuition" was quite the opposite. He claimed that though he could not explain precisely why, his tuition told him that the universe was not itself created.

Now, this appears to me, on its face, to be a rather odd claim to make. When is the last time you saw a thing and, in surprise, suddenly “realized” that it had been created and was not itself eternal? If you arrived at your workplace and found a new stapler on your desk, I seriously doubt that you would look at it and marvel that it had arrived there fully assembled without any source. This is intuition, and you can’t help but be aware of it. It may be faulty, of course, but the shared intuition of practically every human being that ever lived, an intuition that under-girds the scientific enterprise, is not something I should easily distrust.

Put another way, if all things that come into being require a creator, why would you think that the universe – the biggest thing of all – would be an exception?  As I told the skeptic, I don’t actually believe that his "intuition" leads him there. I think he is asserting this despite his actual intuition to the contrary, for reasons that have more to do with what he wants to believe than what he does believe.
This, then, got me thinking about the nature of intuition…


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