Why The Increase In Doubt?

by Nick Peters

doubtA recent survey by the PEW Research Center cited by The Blaze and recently discussed on CNN showed that in 2007, 83% of people under 30 never doubted God’s existence. Now in 2012, that number has been reduced to 68%. What do I conclude from this? The first is that the church is failing. The second is that atheism is now in even more danger than it was before.

To some of you, that seems contradictory. If the church is failing, wouldn’t it mean that atheism is in a pretty good position? No. Most of us with apologetics education did not get it from the church. Some did of course, but many of us did not find such programs in the local body of believers. Many had to do their own reading, studying, and finding information.

The reality is, the way the church is failing isn’t the way most readers probably think.. The problem is not that we’re failing to produce believers. Oh, we’re still good at doing that. The problem is we’re failing to produce doubters.

Am I saying I want doubters?

Absolutely! No doubt about it! I would love the number of people who have doubted God’s existence to go all the way to 100%! Why is that? Because a sort of easy-believism has killed the church. We do not need to take an anti-intellectual position that just says we will have “faith” and isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. We need to be presenting to the people in churches the arguments that they will be getting in the real world.

Pastors need to be struggling with the problem of evil. They need to let their congregations know that there are some people in the world who will tell them Jesus never even existed. They need to know that there are other faiths out there, and people often have reasons for believing in those faiths. They need to let their congregations know that doubt is not the enemy. Ignorance is…


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