10 Apologists You Should Invite to Your Church

by Brian Auten

10-apologists-you-should-inviteIf you’ve thought of inviting an apologetics speaker to your church or event, you may have been a bit intimidated by the task. There are a number of considerations that come into play, ranging from the speaker’s qualifications, experience, and expertise, to the speaker’s fees and availability. These are important issues. The goal of this blog post is to suggest 10 great apologists that I think you should consider inviting to your church or event.

Before we look at the list, here are three reasons why these people are on it: Availability, affordability, and applicability. By availability, I mean that you’re going to have better luck getting these speakers than other more popular speakers whose schedules aren’t open. By affordability, I mean that most speaking fees are going to go up with the popularity and "draw" of the speaker. But most people don’t need an in-demand or "heavyweight" apologist for their purposes. By applicability, I mean that the skill-set, knowledge, expertise, and experience of these apologists fully meets or exceeds what is needed for most people’s needs. And finally, I believe these are good people that you can trust and put confidence in.

So here’s the list of 10 great apologists I think you should invite to speak at your church or event…


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