5 Things That Impact Discussions About The Existence of God

by Eric Chabot

5 Things That Impact Discussions About The Existence of GodOver the years  I have talked to many people about the existence of God. In many cases, both theists and skeptics can grow frustrated with one another on the lack of agreement. I have come to the conclusion that when people attempt to discuss the evidence for the existence of God we must remember these five issues:

1. Proofs are person-relative. While one proof may be a home run for one person it may result in little more than contempt  for someone else. Whenever an individual evaluates the evidence for the existence of God, it must be acknowledged that a person’s response to an argument will always be influenced by his/her past and present personal history.

2. An individual’s presuppositions play a large role in how they evaluate the evidence for God. A presupposition is something assumed or supposed in advance. If someone presupposes that God must not exist or that miracles are not possible, in many cases they will seek out evidence that confirms their hypothesis, and dismiss or not be persuaded in evidence that could disconfirm their hypothesis. Likewise, if someone presupposes that God does exist, they will seek evidence to support such a claim as well. This does not mean there is no objectivity involved here. But in many cases, we can’t avoid presuppositions…


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