Is Christianity true or false? The definitive question

by Joel Furches

definitive questionThe battle for Christian Apologetics rages in many arenas. Ongoing Apologetic arguments address political actions: is a particular policy beneficial or damaging to religious freedom? Does religion have too much or too little say in political policy? Apologists defend the origins of the universe, the origins of life, the reliability of the scriptural documents, and the particulars of morality. If Christianity is a legitimate worldview, than all of these arguments matter and have their place of importance. Better these issues are given careful and considered thought than for Believers to simply cling blindly, as it were, to their beliefs without weighing them. However, the fact that there is such vast and trenchant disagreement both within and outside of the Christian faith is testament to one towering, unignorable, undeniable truth: people are ultimately ignorant.

If people knew every proposition that was true and every proposition that was false, if all humans could take a true/false quiz on the universe and receive a 100%, there would be no disagreement. However, if there is ignorance about even one fact of existence, then ultimately there will be disagreement and error. The arguments about worldviews are based not in knowledge, but rather in ignorance.

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When all is said and done, there is much that various Christians hold to be true that is mistaken and there is much that skeptics hold to be true that is mistaken. However, mistakes on particulars do not necessarily abolish a worldview.

If the skeptic were to absolutely prove that life arose from non-life, that the process of evolution brought about the current state of life on earth, this would not ultimately abolish the Christian worldview. If the critic were to absolutely confirm the unreliability of scriptural texts, this would not sink the Christian ship. Opponents of Christianity could definitively disprove the existence of angels and demons, heaven and hell, miracles, and the ten commandments. All of this may be damaging to Christian doctrine, but it does not abolish the Christian faith…


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