God Is Still Good

by Tom Gilson

godisgoodI’m sitting on the recliner in the corner of our living room, typing with my Mac on my lap. It’s one of my more familiar places to be.

There are crutches right next to the recliner I’m sitting in. That’s becoming all too familiar. I had surgery to repair a torn tendon in my left foot just six months ago. Now I’m told there’s another partial tear in the same foot. I have an appointment scheduled with a surgeon, who will probably tell me I need another repair done. Until then I can’t put any weight on that foot.

It won’t be the same doctor who did the first surgery–not because I’ve lost any confidence in him, but because we’re in the middle of moving from Virginia to Ohio. Which brings up what’s terribly unfamiliar about where I’m sitting. The whole house here is packed up in boxes, ready for the movers to come take it away on Tuesday. About the only thing that’s normal about it is that most of the furniture is in roughly its usual position.

My 20 year-old son, Jonathan, and I are here to finish getting things ready for the move. He’s got a great attitude, which makes all the difference, considering he has to do most of the physical work. I’m very thankful for him.

So here I sit reflecting on the fact that I can’t walk (again), and I have to go through the pain and the life disruption of surgery (again). We’ll be moving into a new home in Ohio later this week, and if I’m any help with the process it will be because I have a wheelchair available to zip around in. We’ll be far from our usual network of friends.

It’s rough. It’s disappointing. It’s frustrating. It’s physically painful. Even so, I’m sure that many people reading this are going through struggles and heartaches more challenging than mine today…


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