Here I Don’t Stand

By John Mark Reynolds

John-Mark-ReynoldsThis I do not believe, God help me, I just cannot.

The wonderful world of the Internet oddly has led to a kind of “hardening” of possibilities for some folk. Too often there is a package response to everything: if I vote for Mitt Romney, I must not believe in global warming. If I believe in global warming, I must think humans are the primary cause. If I believe humans are the cause, I must embrace certain solutions. If I am a Christian, then I must be Republican . . . to make matters worse I am, but not because it is necessary to my Faith.

I have tried to make a list of things people keep thinking I believe, or must believe, that I just cannot believe. Perhaps, nobody will care, but my thought is that at least it will give just one more example to what is a general truth: most people don’t fit neat ideological categories.

So here is a reverse creed, things I simply cannot believe, but people keep assuming I do believe. For most of these positions (or non-positions) I have argued elsewhere. This isn’t an argument, but a list of heart cries.

This list may grow over time as one man’s complaint against stereotyping.

Everyone who disagrees with me is uninformed, a liar, or invincibly ignorant.

There are uninformed people, liars, and those immune to any argument. I have met them in the church, amongst atheists, and in both parties. However, I have met people in every group, I think are wrong, but are reasonable, honest, and following the argument the best they can…


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