Jesus Christ: Truly Human, Truly God


Jesus truly human truly GodAfter the extraordinary events of historical Jesus took place, gospels were written, first churches were founded and the dust settled down for a while, new wave of commotion arouse to take its place. Under the influence of Greek philosophy there began to be a demand for explanations of these texts through logical processes that would offer answers worthy of certain rational categories. At this time Christianity was on the rampage and its wide expansion was evident, when a number of scholars put their effort in making sense of a seeming issue around the bifurcation of the person of Christ throughout the gospel narratives. Professor Craig neatly summarized this contradiction in his Defenders class stating the essential assumption for the doctrine of incarnation: “The same person is both omnipotent and limited in power. He is both omnipresent and living in Palestine. He is both eternal and yet confined to a life of about thirty years. He is omniscient and yet he does not know the date of his second coming.” Many well-meaning attempts to offer a fitting model and solve this Christological paradox, under the name “hypostatic union”, were introduced out of which many where later considered punishable heresies or at least misguided hypothesis.

The word hypostatic originates from the Greek “hypostasis” which means: substance, nature or essence . Thus hypostatic union is simply referring to the unity of two natures of the incarnate God the Son or Logos.  Now, most of the concepts regarding the incarnate personhood of Christ could be placed somewhere on a line between his divine and human nature…


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