Mark’s Gospel Is An Early Memoir of Peter

apostle peterAn Argument for Early Dating
There are many reasons to believe that the Gospel accounts we have in the Bible are a reliable record of eyewitness observations. Critics often try to claim that these Gospels first appeared late in history and were not written by anyone who actually saw the events with their own eyes. These same critics would like to place the dating of the Gospels in the late second century in an effort to discredit the validity of the accounts. But a simple argument for early dating can be sketched out in the following manner:

We Know That the Book of Acts Was Authored By Luke
Most historians will admit that Luke wrote both the Book of Acts and the Gospel of Luke. These two texts contain introductions that tie them together in history. In addition, the Book of Acts contains a number of regional, cultural and geographical details that reflect the fact that the author was present during the period that is being described (more on that HERE)

We Know that the Book of Acts was Completed Prior to 67AD
It is also most reasonable to conclude that the Book of Acts was completed prior to 67AD. This is the most reasonable explanation for the fact that:

Paul is still alive in Rome at the conclusion of the book of Acts
Church history tells us that Paul was killed under the persecution of Emperor Nero in about 67AD

The Temple has not yet been destroyed
In addition, we can see that all the Gospels omit the fact that the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed in 70AD. The most reasonable conclusion is simply that this had not yet taken place at the time of the writing. This is especially reasonable given the fact that Jesus predicted the destruction and we would expect that authors would have mentioned it to affirm the prediction

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We Know that the Gospel of Luke was written prior to the Book of Acts
In the introduction to the book of Acts, Luke refers to his ‘former book’ where he ‘wrote about all that Jesus began to do and teach until the day he was taken up to heaven’. If it is reasonable to conclude that the Book of Acts was written prior to 67AD, it would also be reasonable to conclude that the Gospel of Luke was written many years prior to this. Paul certainly knew that Luke’s Gospel was common knowledge in about 65AD when Paul penned his letter to Timothy. Note the following passage from his letter…


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