Non-Christian Everyday Culture

By T. M. Moore

trafficBy far the greatest portion of the culture in which believers in Jesus Christ participate each day has been created or manufactured by non-Christians. This bothers some believers, who seem to be of the mindset that we ought to keep the culture within the household of faith, as it were. They produce “Christian Yellow Pages” to show us which plumbers we can call to fix our clogged pipes. They school their children at home, using only curriculum and materials prepared by trusted believers. They don’t participate in sports leagues unless they are exclusively or mainly Christian, or go to see anything other than Christian films, or listen to anything but Christian music. And if they have to use some aspects of non-Christian culture, they try to “redeem” it, for example, by sticking a fish decal on their car’s bumper.

Now certainly there’s a place for home-schoooling, Christian music, and, I suppose, even a Christian “Yellow Pages.” (I’m not as sure about bumper stickers.) But if, as Christians, we pursue an isolationist approach to cultural involvement, we’re sure to end up frustrated and feeling compromised. There’s just too much culture, in which we are continuously engaged, and most of it comes from the minds and hands of unbelievers.

A better way to approach this matter is to realize that all culture is a gift of God and can be a means for bringing glory to His Name…


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