Once in a Blue Moon

Take Two

neil armstrong footprintOn July 21, 1969,* the world watched as the first human stepped onto the surface of the moon. Today, we scroll online news reports as the world remembers the man whose mission would become a part of history.

In the 43 years since Neil Armstrong uttered his famous words, humanity has continued to make giant leaps toward understanding the Moon and its unique place in cosmic history.

As astronomer Hugh Ross puts it, “The Apollo program helped us solve the mystery of the moon’s origin and helped establish how amazingly designed the moon is for the support of advanced life on Earth.”

In their book Origins of Life, Ross and biochemist Fazale Rana explain how, from the lunar rocks collected during the Apollo missions, astronomers established the moon’s age at 4.47 billion years old. According to Ross and Rana, the moon’s younger age (as compared to Earth’s, which comes in at 4.5 billion years old), as well as its composition and lesser (than Earth’s density) seem to fit best with one scenario: a giant impact event…


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