The Benefits and Blessings of Reading Scripture

by Brian Hardin

bible-readingSo what’s supposed to happen if we read the Bible every day? What can we really expect?

I can say with all honesty that everything will change—but it may not be the way that you’d think. Change will happen from the inside out, not the outside in. If you’re looking for a genie in a bottle, you will be disappointed. The Bible isn’t a magic book of ancient wisdom; it’s a book about life and about God’s love for you.

In John 15 Jesus uses the metaphor that he is the vine and we are the branches. He breaks it down in simple terms by telling us that life is not going to work apart from him. If we remain in him, he will remain in us, and that connection will bring life. There is no possibility of true life outside of this connection, for without him we can do nothing.

A branch gets its nourishment from the vine or trunk. Our spiritual nourishment comes from Scripture, which provides the context for a dynamic relationship with God. This isn’t just religious jargon thrown in for encouragement. Our relationship with God is informed by Scripture, and according to Jesus this relationship is what gives us life itself.

We are all seeking life. It’s built into our DNA. Every commercial offers it and every romance novel, every magazine article, and every toy we buy promises to give it to us. Sometimes we settle for counterfeits such as materialism, an addiction, or any other obsession; but in the end, everything fails to give us what we want. The entire book of Ecclesiastes is a study on the meaninglessness of life without God, written from the perspective of a man who had seen and done it all…


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