The Ring Makes All the Difference: A Word to the Wise on Cohabitation

by Terrell Clemmons


teen coupleMy dearest Katherine,

Soon you will start high school. Already your classmates are pairing up into short-lived boyfriend-girlfriend couplets, even as their parents split and re-couple with others, marriage vows be damned. You are perceptive enough to see that your friends’ relational pursuits don’t serve them well, but often collapse into black holes consuming waves of emotional energy better spent elsewhere. You have also seen how their parents’ breakups have inflicted immeasurable damage on them and their families. The relationship landscape is bewildering territory indeed for a teenager trying to figure out love and relationships.

But figure them out you must, and the sooner the better, because your desire for male-female relationship won’t go away. It has to do with the way you are made. Of course they don’t talk about God or creation in schools anymore. They talk a lot about your future job. But that’s not nearly as important as your marriage. And although marriage, being far in the future, barely registers on your radar, I suggest you deliberately put it on there now. If you will remember that (1) God made people male and female, and that (2) he instituted marriage as the ultimate male-female relationship, you will have the right map for navigating the turbulent waters of adolescence relationships and continuing on to satisfying adult life.

Cohabitation: The UnMarriage

Surveys show that today’s young people do aspire to eventual marriage and family, but many of them are going about it in a counterproductive way – by living together as if they are married when they are not…


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The Ring Makes All the Difference: The Hidden Consequences of Cohabitation and the Strong Benefits of Marriage


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