Why I’m happy the disciples were a mess

by Jon Acuff

Disciples in the stromSomeday, you’re going to feel afraid. (Especially if you live in Louisiana. From what I can tell on the television, that state is covered with alligators you have to wrestle and bearded swamp drifters you have to plan reality shows with. Terrifying.)

You’ll fear something. You’ll doubt God. You’ll worry that maybe he doesn’t have this whole thing in his hands.

Your job.

Your marriage.

Your future.

Your anything.

And when you’re afraid, doubt and maybe even guilt will try to piggyback on fear and ride into your heart too.

“If I was just a better Christian, I would trust God more! I’m such a failure of a Christian! Why do I still doubt?”

And when those feelings stumble in, like the drunk, little jerks they can be, I want you to remember the disciples.

Because fortunately, those guys were a mess.

Don’t believe me?

Here are a few things that the first disciples witnessed Jesus do in the first four chapters of Mark:

Jesus drove out an evil spirit. (Mark 1:25)

Jesus healed “many” people from all over town. (Mark 1:24-25)

Jesus healed a man with leprosy. (Mark 1:42)

Jesus healed a paralytic. (Mark 2:10-11)

Jesus heals a guy with a shriveled hand. (Mark 3:5)

Over and over again, these first disciples witness Jesus doing some absolutely wild things. Having witnessed these things first hand, it only makes sense that in Mark 4, when a storm threatens their boat, they immediately proclaim “No problem! We’ve got Jesus with us! Any boat he is on is like a Carnival Cruise…


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