Why the Church Will Always Need Apologists

by Eric Chabot

the church needs apologeticsThe more I go forward in the apologetic endeavor, the more I realize that as long as the Church consistently keeps making the same mistakes in what they teach and what they don’t  teach, I can guarantee that there will always be a perpetual need for apologists. Don’t get me wrong: I know the Church belongs to Jesus. He bought it with his life and He is the Head! And I know the Church does a lot of good things. But when it comes to apologetics, I can guarantee we will only see the need for an increase in apologetic material and teaching for the years to come. Let me expand on this and hopefully provide some helpful tips to overcome some of these problems. My suggestion is that within the local congregation it might be really helpful to have some sermons or teachings on these topics:

The Word “Faith”

Yeh, you know that word “faith.” The majority of the culture thinks the word “faith” is something that is just a private and subjective belief that is not grounded in any kind of knowledge. My question is the following: How many pastors and ministry leaders teach on  what the Bible teaches about faith? We could use a lot more sermons/teachings on this topic.  When I ask my fellow Christians why they think Christianity is true, the average response I get is “It is true because I have faith.” So if this is the case, what would you say if a Muslim or Mormon said they know Islam or Mormonism is true because they have faith? I guess that makes Islam or Mormonism true! Case closed!


Do you ever hear any messages on doubt?  Do you know how many people tell me they are afraid to tell their pastor or fellow Christians that they are plagued with doubts. Maybe it is emotional, psychological, or factual doubt. Did you know there is a new clergy project where atheists try to find clergy that really don’t even think Christianity is true? They actually help these people come out of the closet!  One way way or the other, in many cases, people with doubts are looked at as weak Christians. After all, the Bible says you should not have any doubts. Right? No, I am afraid not…


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