Apologetics 101: First Principles

by Robie Day

apologetics 101After taking last week off, I thought I would surely get back on my regular posting schedule this week.  However, I have managed to find a way to be a day late, yet again.  Regardless, now that we have examined the definition of apologetics, the biblical warrant, and the biblical approach to apologetics, we will move on to the various methodologies of apologetics.  To begin, we must first take a look at some basic principles of logic.  While, there are some Christians who would automatically dismiss the use of logic, understanding the basic principles of logic is necessary when engaging others of differing philosophical world views (how one interprets reality).[1]

Douglas Groothuis writes:

Some Christians have disparaged the use of logic in either defining or defending Christian faith on the basis that logic is ‘merely human’ and that we cannot limit God in this way.  Worse yet, they have claimed that whatever benefit there may be in logic, it has been defaced by the Fall such that the human mind cannot grasp God through reasoning.  On this understanding, faith means believing something without or against evidence and logic.[2]

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However, as Groothuis would go on to assert, and as we saw in an earlier post in this series, God never intended for us to have a blind faith.  The Bible is full of examples of the use of evidence and logic to establish the validity of Christianity.  While we, as Christians, already accept God’s Word as truth, those we are engaging in apologetics typically do not.  For this reason, we utilize the basic principles of logic to evaluate the validity of their worldview and the truths they assert.  Having said that, we will briefly examine four laws of logic that are used to test the validity of such claims…


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