Atheism and Occam’s Razor (& Why Christianity Makes the Cut)

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ockham's-razorA recent dialog.

Atheist: I think you might misunderstand atheism if you think I need proof that it is true. Atheism is a nonbelief. Atheist simply don’t believe that there is any god. We are making no claims, and therefor have no burden of proof. It is the same thing as not believing in Bigfoot. There’s really no need or way to produce evidence that it doesn’t exist. All you can do is discredit the ”evidence” for it. If indisputable evidence comes along, then you would be foolish not to believe it. Atheist simply need hard evidence of god’s existence before they will believe.

I agree with you that we need to make some basic assumptions to be able to argue anything. Or else we are left with nihilism or we are living in a computer simulation or something…haha. But your argument just adds unnecessary assumptions. You said that your authority for using reason is because a god created us and he has reason. We are still left with the same question, just on a larger scale now. Who created god, or where did his reason come from? Did god create reason, or is reason something outside of god that he simply conforms to? Let’s keep things simple, and using Occam’s razor cut out the unnecessary assumptions.

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My morality is not a list of 10 (or however many) black and white rules that were given by an outside source. It’s basically grounded on the assumption that all humans are equal and should be treated with the dignity that I myself would desire (unless they do something to violate another in some way). Basically the old golden rule and common sense. It is circumstantial, subjective and not set in stone…


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