Creation or Evolution: Does It Matter What You Believe?

by Mark McGee

Creation or Evolution Does It Matter What You BelieveIt does matter what you believe about creation and evolution. If God created the heavens and the earth and is still involved with it, that means we all have to answer to our Creator. If life evolved from nothing to what we see today during a period of billions of years, we don’t have to answer to anyone.

I once believed in evolution and liked not having to answer to anyone. That’s a very freeing belief system. If I’m just a member of an evolved species without any purpose other than existing for a period of time, then what I think or believe or feel or want doesn’t really matter. I will live and die and that’s it for me. The only problem I have with believing in evolution is if it’s wrong.

Evolution is in trouble as a scientific theory and has been for a long time. The first problem is how evolution started. There has to be a beginning–right? A prevailing theory about the origin of the universe is the “big bang” theory. The theory explains that the universe used to be very hot and dense and expanded rapidly–”bang”–almost 14 billion years ago. What the theory does not explain is the origin of the material that was very hot and dense. The theory does not have an answer to that. It just explains what a big bang may have done to bring about the universe as we know it. The “something came from nothing” argument is lame. Nothing, by it’s pure definition, is “not a thing.” If something came from nothing, then nothing is really “some thing.” That means the real origin of the universe is that something came from something. The question is, what is that “something” that something came from?

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I was a professional journalist for 40 years, so not having answers to something as basic as “what came first” bothers me. I found the theories of Albert Einstein, Max Planck and others interesting reading, but none of the physical cosmological observations answered that most basic question of what existed before the “big bang.” The Planck Epoch starts immediately after “zero” on the universal clock, but again there is no observation of what existed immediately prior to zero. The same is true for quantum physics. It gets down to the atomic and subatomic length scales, but doesn’t prove what the “something” was that preceded the “big bang.” The Scientific American explains it this way…


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