One Million, One Dollar Apologists*

by Greg West

one-million-one-dollar-apologistsThere have been quite a few articles written on the need for apologetics as of late, but just in case you’ve not read any (or enough) of them, this happens to be another one.

My pastor always says that every Christian who thinks about God (which should be all of us) is a theologian; I believe that every Christian who thinks about the reasons why we believe that Christianity is true (which, again, should be all of us) is an apologist.

Now I’m not saying this means that every Christian needs earn a degree in theology and apologetics, but what I am saying is that every Christian should at least know some of the basic reasons for why we should believe the truth claims of Christianity, because if our faith is not built upon a solid foundation, then like the man who built his house upon the sand, our house of ‘blind faith’ will fall with a great crash!

You might be thinking to yourself, “I don’t need to have reasons for my faith because my faith is already strong”. If that’s the case, then it’s very possible that you are confusing the biblical concept of faith with how the world sees faith—as belief without evidence.

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Faith, in the biblical context is simply reliance, or trusting in God. Never in the whole of scripture are we told or asked to believe or trust God without evidence, or to have ‘blind faith’. Jesus asked his disciples to believe in him, but he also gave them many reasons to believe in him—his fulfillment of prophecy, his miracles, and most of all—his bodily resurrection from the dead!

When I was a teenager, having been raised in the church and in a solid Christian home, I had as much zeal for Christ as anyone. I was even planning to attend Bible College and study for the ministry. To make a long story short, circumstances kept me from entering college right away, and by the time I was in my mid-twenties I had become a professing agnostic who had no reasons to believe that Christianity was any more or less true than any other religion, or no religion at all for that matter. I spent more than ten years as an agnostic before I began to discover the reasons for faith and finally rededicated my life to following Jesus Christ.

My story is even more common today…


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*Greg’s note: The term ‘one dollar apologist’ was coined by J. Warner Wallace of



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