Challenge: Start a Church Apologetics Group

By Brian Auten

how-to-get-apologetics-in-your-church-2I want to write this blog post to challenge you. Don’t continue reading if you prefer not to be challenged.

What You’ve Been Doing
If you’re reading this post, I’ve got a suspicion about what you’ve been up to. So I’m writing this blog post for a specific audience in mind. Here’s the audience:

First, you’ve been studying apologetics in some way. You’re interested in defending the faith probably more than others because you’ve found your way here, willing to be challenged on a blog post about getting apologetics in your church.

Second, if you’re like many others who have ‘found apologetics’ or gotten into this area of study, you’re passionate about it. This passion has made you ask yourself a question like, "why aren’t others interested in apologetics?" or, "how can I get apologetics into my church?" So you’re looking for strategies or tips on how to equip others in this area—or at least get others interested.

Third, you’re aware of this blog series: How to Get Apologetics in Your Church. In case you aren’t aware, this is series 2 of 2. Series one index can be found here, and series two index can be found here. If you’ve been reading these posts, you’ve been getting some ideas.

But have you taken any action? If the answer is not a solid yes, then keep reading.

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What You Could Be Doing
I’m going to give away the goal of this post right now, before I actually get to my closing "challenge." My goal is to put a spark under you and ask you to think about whether or not you’re willing to take action. If you haven’t taken action in some way, then I’d like to suggest that there are some very simple things that you could be doing:

First, you could be making a plan based on what you know. Don’t let the unknowns prevent you from moving forward with the things that you do know. If you need ideas, you’ve got series one and two at your disposal—perhaps the best resource for starting a church apologetics group on the web at this time…


The Poached Egg ApologeticsChallenge: Start a Church Apologetics Group – Apologetics 315


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