Intersections of Faith and Reason

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IntersectionDo faith and reason contradict?

The discussion over that question has been exhaustive over the years, but its still something that is very relevant to us today. Indeed, the understanding of the relationship between faith and reason is as critical as its ever been in our culture. We’re surrounded by those who would dismiss our faith due to the misconception that its merely a “blind leap into the dark.”

So, how do these things relate? Are they opposed to each other, do they intersect somewhere or is it something else entirely?

A year or so ago I was at a local pub with some co-workers (more like friends). Many of us had worked together for quite some time, but our management had recently made a few additions to our staff. As my pecan porter arrived at the table, one of the new guys launched into a monologue about his disdain of feeble-minded Christians, “I just don’t understand ‘em. I only believe things that make sense. I mean, they don’t even use their reason. It’s like believing in Santa Clause…”

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I could feel the tension in the air as my long-time co-workers said nothing and just looked at me. After all, they had all had discussions like the one that was about to happen at length with me individually and in larger groups. They knew my convictions, and their quiet smirks in my direction demanded a response. Without going into it in depth, I’ll say that we all ended up having a great conversation about faith and reason. I had the opportunity to unpack what faith really is within the Christian worldview, and I had the opportunity to get to know my new co-worker much better. It was a win-win situation…


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