Conundrum: You want to get into apologetics but don’t have a degree – pt2

by Chad Miller

CAA_logoThis is part two of my series on helping out the GED Apologist. For the first post, click here.

6. Enroll in certificate programs

This is probably one of the best things an aspiring Apologist can do and I can personally testify as to how much I’ve benefited from going this route. I’ve either completed these programs, currently working on them, or will most likely do them in the future. Here’s a list to get you started:

Stand to Reason ABC Curriculum – $69.95
This is a three part series covering 17 different topics, all taught by Greg Koukl. I highly recommend this.

Biola Distance Learning Certificate Program in Christian Apologetics – $285 ($95/course)
Another three part series covering 24 different topics, taught by some of the best in the biz such as Plantinga, Craig, Moreland, Habermas, and many more.

Athanatnos Apologetics Certificate Program – $2,000-$2,250
This is a 10 module program consisting of over 50-60 books you will go through over the course. This is obviously much more intensive than the previous two. The entire program should take 1-3 years to complete. They also have the Literary Apologetics Certificate Program with similar guidelines.

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CrossExamined Instructors Academy – $695 (plus travel/lodging)
This is slightly different than the other programs in that it requires travel to their facility to go through the program in three intense days. This is also not for the entry level apologist but is more suited for someone who has a decent grasp of the issues. You will be trained personally in small group settings with instructors such as Frank Turek, Greg Koukl, Richard Howe and others.

Reasons to Believe Certificate in Science Apologetics – Varies
This is a certificate program geared toward Science from an OEC perspective. These classes are also available for actual college credit.

Apologetics 315 Read Along: Christian Apologetics – Free
There isn’t for a certificate for this, but this textbook written by Doug Groothuis and used for his class at Denver Seminary is exactly what the subtitle says: A Comprehensive Case for Biblical Christianity. At the time of this writing, the Kindle version is on sale for $4.08 (that’s truly insane), but even the regular price of $17.60 is a steal. Apologetics 315 provides a stellar 130 page study guide with multiple questions on each chapter and a podcast with an introductory interview with Dr. Groothuis for each chapter. I can’t recommend this resource enough. There is also a Read Along series on “Is God Just a Human Invention?” and future Read Along projects coming up…


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