Does Archeology Support the Bible? A Look at the Evidence

by Jack Wellman

Biblical archaeologyIs there archeological evidence to support the authenticity of the Bible?  Are there actual archeological digs that have unearthed artifacts that are relevant to the recorded stories in the Bible?  Here is an actual look at real evidence that has been discovered by archeologists.

What is Archeology?

Archeology is a science. It is the scientific study of material remains that authenticate the remains of human activities, civilizations, and life.  The finds include fossils, artifacts like tools or utensils, scrolls, hieroglyphs, weapons of war, structures and so forth.  Archeology is the discovery of empirical evidence that verifies what has been recorded in historical accounts, traditions, and by eye witness testimonies that have been passed down through generations.  This branch of science can produce concrete validations of what has happened or occurred in the past, even thousands of years ago. Archeology is like an underground history book; the deeper you go, the further you go back into time.

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Archeology and the Bible

The Bible is a book that is full of historical accounts covering thousands of years and multiple nations and peoples.  Every year there is a significant find that is tied to recorded events that are written down in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.  Due to the massive amounts of archeological finds, this article can never hope to cover all of these finds that have been unearthed over the last few thousand years.  The mountainous collection of artifacts show indisputable evidence that the Bible is true and what was recorded actually happened in the places and times that the Bible states that they did.  The many thousands of archeological finds have provided solid evidence for the reliability of the Scriptures and biblical scholars have used much of this evidence to further their study of the Bible.

Every year we find another significant find in the Middle East, Africa, and in Europe. These artifacts that have been unearthed are specifically mentioned in the Old Testament and the New Testament. There is no way possible that we can mention every single one of these artifacts in one article. It would take hundreds of books to hold all of the finds that validate the Bible as a true historical record. Let’s look at only a few since space does not allow us to include them all…


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