Evangelism—the Way Jesus Did It (Gimme Five!)

guest blog by Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi

apologetics evangelismLately, I have been saying to our Chapter Directors for Ratio Christi, “Gimme Five.” But in this case I am not talking about hand slapping. I am talking about preparing—each year—five new Christian leaders that are truly Ambassadors of Christ. I am asking them to just give us at least five well trained believers every year that have become not only incredibly confident evangelists, but who can also teach what they have learned to others.

After all, isn’t this the way Jesus did evangelism?  He basically trained a small number over a few years then cut them loose to evangelize the world. Look at the worldwide movement that started from that small group of disciples.

Some ministries are driven by numbers—the bigger the numbers the better. I think focusing on big numbers is actually hurting Christianity and giving us the exact opposite of what we want. Perhaps doing it the way Jesus did it will reverse this trend.

I know asking for only five well trained disciples each year doesn’t seem like very much, but let’s take a look at this over the long term.  Would you rather have $100,000 given to you today or would you rather have just one penny given to you with the knowledge that the penny would be doubled every day for just 30 days? Don’t decide too quickly. A penny doubled every for 30 days will yield $10,368,709.12. That’s the power of exponential impact.

Now, let’s say in ten years, Ratio Christi has 1,000 chapters at universities around the world (100 per year). That’s 5,000 new apologetics oriented evangelists every year that move into the marketplace. I am not talking about professional preachers. I am just talking about regular people in regular jobs. That is 5,000 new people every year that can not only defend their faith and show the weaknesses of other worldviews, but who can also present the simple truth of Christianity to their friends and family. 

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Imagine if these lay apologists started teaching Sunday school, youth groups, or cell groups in their churches. The Apostle Paul said to Timothy,

Taking the things which they heard, and entrusting it to other faithful men and women who will be able to teach others also. ~2 Timothy 2:2

What if these disciples were trained to teach just two other people per year each year what they were taught. According to my calculations, in the first ten years alone the result would be 4,017,000 evangelistically oriented disciples.

Don’t underestimate the value of small beginnings!!

Jesus started this whole movement from scratch by training just a few. Today, if we follow the same method, perhaps we could reenergize the church and create millions of confident evangelists for Christ in local churches around the world.

That is evangelism the way Jesus did it!

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