How to Be A Crummy Church Member

by Josh Fults

church-games-part-2What is it that keeps a church alive, healthy, and vibrant? Of course, the easy Christian answer is God. Church would be nothing more than a social club without God. Nothing could be accomplished in the church if it were not for God’s enabling, active presence. We are reminded in Psalm 127, “Unless the Lord builds a house, its builders labor over it in vain.”

Yet, we cannot afford to ignore the human element in healthy churches. Often, people tend to think that their involvement in the church is relatively insignificant to the health of the church and the overall kingdom of Christ. This is one of the greatest deceptions.

Each individual in a church has a highly significant role in their church. When we realize this, we might begin to take our role more seriously within the church body. The fact is, your presence and active involvement is crucial to the health of your church.

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Each person has a place carved out specifically for them; a role that was custom made for them to perform. When we minimize the importance of our role or task that God has given us, we set back the Kingdom of God. When we fail to come through we leave a hole to be filled by someone else, which in turn, distracts them from their specific task. This is not meant to be guilt inducing. Instead it is meant to be sobering and to remind us that God wants to use us!

It is up to every individual member of the church to keep the church’s momentum going forward. As the individuals go, so goes the church. Lloyd Cory illustrates this masterfully…


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