How to Defend the Christian Faith: 7 Great Tips

by David Peach

7 apologetics tipsApologetics is the term used for defending ones beliefs using reason. This is a big fancy word to say that you want to explain to others why you believe what you believe. All Christians are called to be apologists of their faith (1 Peter 3:15).

Following are 7 tips to help you gain a better knowledge of your faith so that you can explain it to others.

Personal Bible Study

Reading your Bible daily is helpful when you want to get an understanding of the Bible as a whole. However, if you want to understand one topic well, you will need to do more serious study. Use a good study Bible that will show you all the verses related to a topic. Be careful to not take verses out of context. You need to see the verses surrounding the ones you are studying and use all the verses on a subject to help shed more light on the different angles of the topic.

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Take a Class

If your church or denomination offers any type of specialized training in a subject, then take all of those classes that you can. Of course you could find a seminary to attend so that you could earn a degree in the doctrines of the Bible, but classes that your church or pastor offer locally can give you much of the same information without the demands of a degree. There are online Bible study classes you can take which will give you more information on a subject.

Teach a Class

Nothing will help you straighten out your thinking and logic as much as teaching others. When given the opportunity to share your faith with an individual or in a classroom, you should jump at the chance. If your church has a discipleship program that you have attended, offer to become one of the disciplers for newer Christians…


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