Is God Fair?

by Josh Fults

is-god-fairClint had grown up in a rural community. When he graduated, he moved off to the city for college and eventually found a well paying job at the center of the financial district. As the years went by, he felt the desire to enjoy some time in the country. He longed for the simple pleasantries that he remembered country life offered him as boy. So, he purchased a rather large piece of land right outside the city, with the intention of building a getaway that he might enjoy on weekends, holidays, and extended vacations.

The time came for him to have his land cleared. Saturday morning, before the sky was lit, he hired five locals to start clearing away brush. They agreed to be paid one hundred dollars for working until dark. About 8:00 he hired several more hands. In a hurry, he explained that he would make it worth their while at the end of the day, so they could take the job or leave it.

At noon, he checked on the progress of the land, and realized it was larger than he thought. He decided to hire some more men to speed the project up. He found five locals ready to work, and he promised he would square up with them at the end of the day.

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A couple of hours before dark, he noticed some men outside a neighborhood store inquiring about work. He stopped and told them about the land he was having cleared, and they were eager to at least make something for the day. So he dropped them off at his land, and they went to work as the sun started to quicken its descent.

Just as the sun dipped below the horizon, the land owner returned to a large group of weary men. He was pleased at how much had been accomplished in one day. He gestured for the men to join him, and ran a thumb across his palm, signaling it was time to be paid…


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