Issues with Answers in Genesis

by Chad Miller

genesis-1 age of the earthWhen I say I have issues with Answers in Genesis (AiG), I’m not referring to their Young Earth Creation (YEC) interpretation of Genesis 1-11. My issues are with the considerable amount of time and effort they spend leveling false accusations against those who believe in Old Earth Creationism (OEC). AiG is the most widely followed YEC ministry, and unfortunately their divisive tactics have a significant impact on the Christian community, thus my focus on their ministry specifically. I’m not making the case for OEC or refuting YEC arguments on this post. Those arguments are handled elsewhere and there are plenty of good resources available.

*OEC and YEC throughout this post refer to Creation-ism and Creation-ist interchangeably*

I (like many OEC’s) have YEC friends. The vast majority of my friends are YEC. Fortunately this is not a point of division or conflict and we’re able to lock arms together to serve the Lord in ministry. We all understand we’re not differing on our interpretation of passages related to the deity of Christ, the resurrection, or other first tier issues, but rather a third tier issue. Most importantly we understand this is an issue of interpretation; not inerrancy. That’s a very important distinction worth repeating:

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This is an issue of interpretation; not inerrancy.

I’m not sure how many different ways this message can be communicated by various OEC’s, yet AIG continues to falsely accuse OEC’s of undermining inerrancy as well as attacking the cross, the Word of Christ, and the person of Christ Himself. This is a textbook example of committing the Strawman Fallacy, which inevitably leads to ad hominem attacks.

Those are extremely serious accusations… and this is coming from brothers in Christ toward other brothers in Christ…


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