Questions about God

by Sarah Abbey

questions about GodHaving reached the mature age of 4, my niece has gained a new level of inquisitiveness. “Why?” and “What?” have become her two favorite questions in conversation. While she has supplied me with many laughs, what continually amazes me is the intellectual depth her little mind is capable of producing. In the past few weeks she has asked the following questions:

“Why doesn’t God feed all the children?”

“Does Jesus ever get tired?”

“Why can’t I see Jesus?”

“If God is Jesus’ Daddy, then how is Jesus God?” (my paraphrase)

“What does God look like?”

I marvel at her insight and am often stumped at how to answer her. How do you explain the problem of evil, the nature of the Trinity, or where Jesus is to a child?

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How do you explain it to an adult, for that matter?! For in reality, the questions we ask at 4 are the same questions we ask at 34. We just spruce them up with more “adult-like” language:

“Why would a good God allow suffering?”

“How can you believe there is 1 God in 3 persons?”

“Is there proof God exists?”

No matter our age and religious beliefs, we seem hardwired to ask questions about God…


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