Ten Christian Apologetics Quotes


megaphoneApologetics QuotesWhy do you balk at the doctrine of the Trinity – God the three in One – yet meekly acquiesce when Einstein tells you E=mc2? What makes you suppose that the expression “God ordains” is narrow and bigoted, while your own expression, “Science demands” is taken as an objective statement of fact?

You would be ashamed to know as little about internal combustion as you know about Christian beliefs.

I admit, you can practice Christianity without knowing much theology, just as you can drive a car without knowing much about internal combustion. But when something breaks down in the car, you go humbly to the man who understands the works; whereas if something goes wrong with religion, you merely throw the works away and tell the theologian he is a liar. – Dorothy Sayers

Apologetics QuotesBoth religion and science must make sense internally and externally. Internally, they need to be coherent and not contradict themselves. Externally, they need to attach to the outside world. But in both cases, there is room for error. If science is not careful, it will ignore beauty and poetry as means to knowledge. If religion is not careful, it will ignore science as a means to knowledge. We need both sense and sensibility. – John Mark Reynolds

Apologetics QuotesDespite some who claim that apostles’ use of the Old Testament was derived from their own creativity or rabbinic midrashic method, they actually received their training in the hermeneutics of messianic prophecy from the Messiah Himself! Michael Rydelnick (The Messianic Hope, p85)

Apologetics QuotesHere’s a common objection you may have encountered: Isn’t apologetics only for academics and intellectuals? The short answer is no. Here’s why. Everyone has questions—you do, your kids do, your friends and neighbors do, your family does, and our culture certainly does. It’s that simple. We will either think carefully or poorly about these questions, but the questions themselves cannot be avoided. Secondly, if Christianity is true, then it speaks to all of life. It doesn’t get more ‘everyday’ than that (1 Pet. 3:15).  – Jonathan Morrow (original post here)

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Apologetics QuotesNo one can prove that God exists. Only evidences can be offered. I learned that early on. When I first started down the path of being a Christian, I took a big interest in trying to convince my friends that God was real. Sometimes we would evaporate hours discussing the subject. Enduring their antagonistic bombasts caused me to generate my own nagging doubts. It had gotten so bad that my path grew almost too dim to follow. But after processing the whole subject to near exhaustion, I discovered that I couldn’t deny that God exists, even if I tried. Faith was present. And I couldn’t shake it. Frank Viola

Apologetics QuotesWe often dream about utilizing one of the many gifted“all-stars” of Christian Apologetics to start an apologetics revival at our church or community, but God wants to use YOU as part of His army of apologists. Yes there are many “million dollar” apologists that are well known and oft-requested. But the world needs a million “one dollar” apologists even more than it needs one more “million dollar” apologist. You and I have experiences and knowledge that can be used to advance the cause of Christian Case Making. We simply need to take some time to prepare, be willing to accept the challenge and be bold enough to get in the game. – J. Warner Wallace (from the article, I’m Grateful to Be A “One Dollar” Apologist)

Apologetics QuotesThe first step in conforming our intellect to God’s truth is to die to our vanity, pride, and craving for respect from colleagues and the public. We must let go of the worldly motivations that drive us, praying to be motivated solely by a genuine desire to submit our minds to God’s Word – and then to use that knowledge in service to others. ― Nancy Pearcey

Apologetics QuotesWhen men stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing, they believe in anything. — G. K. Chesterton

Apologetics QuotesWhen we do the work of apologetics we do it as disciples of Jesus, and therefore in the manner in which he would do it. This means, first of all, that we do it to help people, and especially those who want to be helped. Apologetics is a helping ministry. Dallas Willard

Apologetics QuotesAll thoughtful believers—even those whose faith is mature—encounter doubt. Not a single person had had unadulterated faith. In any case it certainly won’t do to ignore your doubts, and defusing them will only strengthen your faith. To be sure, doubts can be strong enough to become a trial in your life; but like all trials, they’re meant to refine faith, not stifle it. – Dr. Mitch Stokes (from the introduction to A Shot of Faith (to the Head))


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