The Poached Egg Podcast: With Special Guest Dr. Holly Ordway

TPE Podcast - Holly OrdwayThe Poached Egg Podcast is back! After taking a hiatus in doing the show for the summer, I felt like it’s time I got it going again. I might have put it off a little longer, but when Dr. Holly Ordway reminded me that she had an open invitation to be on as a guest I took it as a sign and we scheduled a time to have a conversation via Skype to talk about her website, atheism, C.S. Lewis, imaginative and literary apologetics, her new faculty position at Houston Baptist University, and women in apologetics. Yeah, I know, that’s a lot to cover in under an hour, but we managed even though it could have easily gone longer. Imaginative apologetics is something I’ve always had a strong interest in, but in this podcast, Dr.Ordway made me realize just how important this topic is when it comes to engaging culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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