The Earth’s Age: Various Evangelical Positions

Enrichment Journal

genesis1Greg’s note: The excellent print and online magazine, Enrichment Journal, published a very informative series on the ‘age of the earth’ debate showcasing the three main evangelical views by leading proponents of each view. Each author presents his case and also responds to each of the other’s articles. Regardless of which view you hold, or if you are undecided, I believe it is important to investigate each one with an open heart and mind and to not let this sensitive issue become one that divides us as believers. I personally believe that each one falls well within orthodox Christian beliefs and holds to the doctrine of biblical inerrancy. You might want to bookmark this page for future reference.


The Case for a Young Earth
by Kurt P. Wise

Not only does the Genesis account maintain that the creation is young, but according to this author, a young creation is foundational to the rest of Scripture.


The Case for Day-Age Creation
by Hugh Ross

Is belief in an old earth and in days as “ages” perfectly consistent with the belief that God created in 6 literal days? This author thinks so.


The Case for an Old Earth (The Literary Framework Interpretation)
by Davis A. Young

Is the 7-day creation account meant to be chronological or is it meant as a literary framework or symbolic structure designed to reinforce the purposefulness of God in creation?


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Response to Davis Young and Hugh Ross
by Kurt P. Wise


Response to Kurt P. Wise and Davis Young
by Hugh Ross


Response to Kurt P. Wise and Hugh Ross
by Davis A. Young



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