52 Tips for Apologists

by Brian Auten

52-tips-for-apologistsThis month marks 5 years of blogging at Apologetics 315. With that in mind, I went back to review a guest post I did with Cloud of Witnesses three years ago to see if the advice I offered then still sounded good to me. The question was: “What advice do you have for those who want to learn more about apologetics?  What kinds of attitudes and character traits should Christians adopt as they use apologetics in conversations with skeptics?”

Here’s was my answer, in 52 Tips for Apologists:

As a learner myself, I am on the lookout for good advice for learning more. My advice to others would vary depending on how involved in apologetics someone wants to get. It is such a wide subject, dealing with theology, philosophy, history, textual criticism, science, culture, evangelism, etc. Everyone is going to have a different level or area of interest, so my advice here is for those who want to learn as much as they can on the subject. Here are the things that I would have told me when I first got interested in apologetics:

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1. Be first a person of prayer with a goal to know the Lord.

2. Be a continual reader.

3. Know both sides of the issues.

4. Listen to as many good lectures as possible.

5. Listen to every debate you can get your hands on.

6. Learn from the best debaters.

7. Learn from the worst debaters. (what not to do)

8. Find a mentor if you can.

9. Apologetics is not a boxing match; it’s walking along side another in dialogue.

10. You’re not in it to win arguments; you are in it to win people.

11. Be mindful of your spiritual life above your apologetics studies.

12. Allow your apologetics studies to be worship unto the Lord.

13. Your wife doesn’t want to hear about your online debates.

14. Don’t talk about apologetics at the dinner table, unless you are with apologetics buddies.

15. Find like-minded friends to fellowship with and reflect on apologetic issues…


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