Many Paths to God?

by Josh Fults

many-paths-to-god_apologeticsSix blind gurus approach an elephant and each describes what they experience. The first feels the tusk and believes it to be a spear. One holds the tail, thinking it is a rope. Another feels the side, assuming it is a wall. Another guru leans against a leg and states it is a tree with strange bark. One is frightened upon feeling the trunk and thinks it is a snake. The last one grabs an ear and believes it is a fan.

The six gurus experience the same object differently. Each interprets what they experienced in their own way. Some make the assertion that maybe we experience the same reality differently, just as these gurus did. They would have us believe that the Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, and Hindu all experience God in their own unique way. All roads up the mountain lead to the same peak. All religions are basically the same.

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Can this way of thinking be true? As a basic level, many differing religions and worldviews appear to be similar. Many promote love, worship, and selflessness, but as one digs deeper any similarities quickly dissolve.  One notices fast that there are competing claims for truth that contradict one another. The different statements across the world’s religions fall into great contradiction. They all view God differently. Christianity teaches that God is eternal and personal. Hinduism embraces pantheism and states that everything is god and god is everything. Buddhism teaches that reality is nothingness and there is no god…


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