Aristotle the LNC and Motion: Motion Presupposes God

By Mike Robinson

AristotleAristotle and The Law of Non-Contradiction

Aristotle recognized that the LNC (law of non-contradiction) is most certain and necessary. He defined this law: “It is impossible for the same thing to belong and not belong simultaneously to the same thing in the same respect.”

He acknowledges that it is the most absolute and rationally binding principle of thought and action. Aristotle declares that “it is impossible to be in error about it.” He defines a contradiction (antiphasis) as a pair of assertions one of which asserts what the other denies.

Aristotle and Christian Apologetics: The Classic Proof for the Existence of God


Aristotle proposed that proof for God’s existence could be established.

He argued:

•      All things change for all things are in motion.

•     Change is a transitioning from that which is potential to that which is actual.

•    When potential is actualized, change and alteration has occurred.

•     No potential has auto-actualization powers.

•     There must be a source and wellspring of actuality, the actuality that moves all things from potentiality to actuality. Lacking such, nothing would be actualized.

•   Some things are actualized; consequently there must be an unmoved ground of actuality

•   This must be the Unmoved Mover inasmuch as an infinite regress is not possible.

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Today, most non-Thomistic scholars believe that Aristotle’s (and Aquinas’) arguments fail. Nonetheless, there has been a potent resurgence of Thomistic apologetics in contemporary philosophy and apologetics.

Transcendental Argument: Motion Presupposes God

Aristotle offered arguments based on observation and human insight. A dissimilar form of theistic argumentation is a Transcendental Argument (TA). A TA contends that if motion, then God. The precondition for any motion is God. For a worldview to have the capacity to account for motion it must provide countless compulsory operational features of experience. One such feature would be the identity of objects in motion. For an object to be in motion the object is identified: A. So that A is in motion. A is A (law of identity: LI). Additionally A is not the unmoved B (LNC). Without God, motion cannot be accounted for and all observation as well as calculating of motion fails. Thus non-theism does not succeed in making motion intelligible…


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