Can Science Rule Out the Existence of God?

by Waylan Owens

Can Science Rule Out the Existence of GodLast week, an article was published by entitled, Will Science Someday Rule Out the Possibility of God? Christians should be shaking in their boots, it seems. Science, the article claims, is close to proving that God does not exist. What will we do?

Natalie Wolchover, the author of the article wrote, “Although cosmic mysteries remain, Sean Carroll, a theoretical cosmologist at the California Institute of Technology, says there’s good reason to think science will ultimately arrive at a complete understanding of the universe that leaves no grounds for God whatsoever.”

While some Christians might read this and fear or, at least, wonder, the fact is that we should rejoice. Far from ruling out God, Wolchover, Carroll, and this article actually provides more scientific confirmation of God.

First, let’s look at the statement just quoted, that science “will ultimately arrive” (That means science is not there and has a long way to go.) “at a complete understanding of the universe” (That means that science now admits that its understanding is vastly incomplete.) “that leaves no grounds for God whatsoever.” (Were this to happen, it would not rule out God, but rather it would leave no scientific grounds for asserting God in creation. These are very different things.) All this means that we currently do have solid grounds in Science for God and that those grounds are significant. Otherwise, Dr. Carroll would be denying them outright. He obviously is eager and intent upon doing so.

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Second, the article states that Science has gathered evidence in favor of the “Big Bang theory.” However, cosmologists admit having little to no clue what happened in the split second after the start of the Big Bang. If we assume the theory of the Big Bang is accurate, Science still cannot account for how it all began. Carroll is quite certain that a new strand of theory called “quantum gravity theory,” will account for that split second and will demonstrate that the universe has had many “Big Bangs” and is eternally re-creating itself. From this we see that Carroll and all other scientists like him are men of faith. His faith is in man to understand and to develop a theory that can explain eternity without reference to God.

Third, another possible version of quantum gravity theory asserts that time did start with a one-time Big Bang. Of this possibility, Carroll wrote, “Nothing in the fact that there is a first moment of time, in other words, necessitates that an external something is required to bring the universe about at that moment.” While that might be true, it also means that nothing precludes that an external something is required. Science cannot speak to whether a creator was needed or not. Carroll is engaging in serious, biased speculation at this point, far beyond the simple faith Christians have in Genesis 1:1…


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