Every Child a Wanted Child a Pro-Abortion Deception

by Sarah Siders

wanted childYou’ve seen the bumper sticker.  And at first, you agreed.  “Every child a wanted child.”  The words ring pro-life, until you hear the undertone, the statement left unsaid: “And let all unwanted children remain unborn.”

This deceiving motto of Planned Parenthood could seduce anyone into agreement at first glance.  But the fundamental belief of the Planned Parenthood mentality crashes into a starkly different belief from the life movement, that each child is wanted.  Every last one of them.

There is no doubt that birthing and raising a child is a significant cost over the course of a lifetime.  And certainly any parent hopes to have sufficient, even abundant resources to provide for their children’s needs.

However, the true yet over-marketed fear that women and children face a life of poverty as babies are born into less than ideal circumstances is not, however, the foundational bed for pro-choice thought.  Truth be told, Planned Parenthood’s mother, Margaret Sanger, dreamed of a world of smart, white folks breeding moderately-sized, responsible families as the numbers of poor or various other ethnic groups dwindled into obscurity and faded from view.

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If only it were true that Planned Parenthood desired for children to be born wanted.  If only they could boast of roles in assisting women with attaining resources for the children they do want.  Instead, we hear them fumbling for reasons to promote abortion as a “reproductive right”, a primary source of income for the organization, no less.

Being on the side of life means being willing to provide practical solutions to real life problems pregnant women face.  So let’s address this concern Planned Parenthood pretends to care about, as it is a real issue for women…


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