Questions That Are Off-Limits- Part 1

by Luke Nix

off limitsI have always been a curious person. I love to ask questions. I what things work, how they work, and why they work. Math and the sciences had a great appeal to me in school. I always interacted with the teacher or professor. I was always trying to make connections among different pieces of knowledge that I was being taught. As I got older, if someone told me something, I liked to know how they obtained that knowledge and how it related to other knowledge I already had.

This continues even today. As a result, I’ve never been one to not challenge someone who I suspected was giving me wrong information. But I don’t challenge just for the sake of challenging. I challenge in order to find the correct connections among facts. I challenge so that I may discover the truth.

What is Off Limits In Atheism?

The Culture of "Questions Not Allowed"
Many atheists pride themselves in being "open minded" and willing to address any question or challenge that someone will bring to them. However, many in the atheist community get extremely uncomfortable when certain questions arise. They even try to stifle the person asking. Its not that the question cannot be asked of the atheist worldview, its just that atheists prefer not to struggle with certain questions or challenges.

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Being someone who is extremely interested in science, I see a lot of information and stories about the topic of biological evolution. This is a "hot-button" issue to bring up with most scientists (especially biologists). This is where we find the challenge that culturally is "off limits". One is not allowed to question whether or not biological evolution took place. The only question allowed is "how". However, even the "how" questions have their tolerance level. If a "how" question begins to show that biological evolution may not have actually taken place, the questioning is immediately shut down (or attempted to be).

Another challenge is related to science but is actually a philosophy of knowledge. The claim is that science is the only source of knowledge. It is rarely taken as a serious question when I ask an atheist if science really is the only source of knowledge. Most of the time, the reaction is a dismissal or an assertion that anything else just produces superstition. One should never question whether science is the only source of knowledge because it just is.

These are not the only two; more do exist that atheists try to keep people from asking. It could be that the atheist does not understand how to make his worldview make sense in light of the challenge or question; or it could be that they know that the question truly is not allowed in atheism…


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