Questions That Are Off-Limits- Part 2

by Luke Nix

off limitsLast week we looked at questions that atheists tend to shy away from for whatever reason, and we looked at questions that are truly off-limits to those in an atheistic world. Today, we will see if Christianity has any such questions.

What is Off Limits In The Church?
One of the great advantages of Christianity over atheism is that the questions that are off limits in atheism are central to Christianity- God exists and He does have a purpose for all the pain and suffering that we experience. But does Christianity have its own questions that it says are off limits that may cause the worldview to implode?

The Culture of "Questions Not Allowed"
Around the age of 12 or 13, I discovered that my asking questions was quite annoying to many people. Generally people didn’t mind my asking a couple basic questions here and there. But when I started asking a lot of questions, or my questions began to point out a real issue between two facts, their demeanor changed. I noticed this especially in church. People didn’t mind my asking some basic questions about Christianity, but when I started getting into deeper theology, they ran. Some rebuked the questioning. This gave me a very sour feeling around many fellow Christians, as if asking tough questions about what we believed was off limits. This was one of the reasons that I drifted away from the Church. My thoughts were these: if Christianity is true, why are Christians so afraid of being challenged? Christianity was for the intellectually weak and  emotionally driven.

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In my experience over the last several years with defenders of Christianity, these questions have not only been welcomed, but they have been answered. The last ten years have been a fantastic intellectual smorgasbord for me. However, as much as I’d like to say that Christians are becoming more willing to talk about their faith and be challenged, I’ve also experienced the real resistance to challenges. Since I am much older and (hopefully) more mature, I can articulate the specifics of the challenges and their implications better. Unfortunately, I recently experienced the same resistance that I experienced when I was young.

I have to admit that it is incredibly difficult to not go ballistic when I encounter this attitude in the Church. So, I will keep this part short: the Church is pushing intellectual people who are honestly seeking the truth away from Christ because individual Christians refuse to challenge their beliefs. Those who offer the challenges believe that Christianity cannot answer their challenges because Christians would rather stick their fingers in their ears and ignore the challenge than seek to answer the challenge or adjust their own belief to reflect what is true. If you say that Christianity is the one true worldview, you need to be willing to put your mind where your mouth is…


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