Should God Be Reported to CPS?

by Josh Fults

is-god-abusiveChristians are always speaking of God as being a loving Father, but is He? Some would argue that He isn’t. Some would actually say He condones abuse. In fact, Richard Dawkins makes the claim that God is an abusive Father because he sacrificed His Son on the cross. What about God commanding Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac, as an offering? That certainly sounds like abuse. CPS would have been knocking on God’s door in a second had they been around in ancient times (for all those social workers out there, think of trying to file all that paper work on tablets or scrolls???).

Let’s take a look at the often misunderstood and confusing story of God commanding Abraham to kill his son as burnt offering, as is reported in Genesis 22. First, we are made to understand that God is testing Abraham. Now, Abraham was not privy to this fact, but we, the reader, get to watch the story unfold from a unique perspective. God was not testing Abraham to find out how he would respond. God already foreknew exactly how Abraham would respond, and that Isaac would walk away unharmed. So the test was for the benefit of Abraham along with the countless people that would read this narrative. God is communicating something to all of us through this passage.

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We also know that God is against the taking of innocent life. We see in the Ten Commandments (or Decalogue if I need to make this article sound a tad more scholarly) that God explicitly states, “Thou shalt not kill” (I love reading the Ten Commandments in old King James. The language seems to give them more bite). We also can remember that one of the very transgressions that God judged the Canaanite people for was child sacrifice. God has never condoned or promoted child sacrifice anywhere in scripture; it has always been strictly prohibited. We must read this narrative with this in the forefront of our mind.

So what do we know about Abraham’s son, Isaac? We know that he is a child of promise. Everything is wrapped up in Abraham’s only son. Back in Genesis 12 God makes Abraham a series of promises, one of which is that he will be made into a great nation. At this point Abraham was childless…



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