The Problem of Good

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good_evilRecently I found myself in the midst of a very difficult situation where evil appeared to triumph over good.  I found myself asking the same questions many of us ask. How can a good God, the God I believe in, allow suffering and evil? Is He really good? Is He really there?  Every fiber in my being cried out against the wrongness of my personal suffering and was heightened by thinking of the harsh pain so many others are facing worldwide. Where was the good, the right, and the just that I and the rest of humanity so rightly longed for?

Wrestling with the problem of evil is nothing new for us, both personally and intellectually. It’s a problem that is harder than most because it’s not purely cerebral. It touches the very core of our being. To think through the why and how of suffering often opens up old wounds, causes current wounds to fester, and is just plain painful. For many of us, the answers we find are unsatisfactory, so we come to the conclusion that either God does not exist, or that if He does He’s evil Himself.

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I’ve discovered that in looking for answers to the questions we have, I’m led to more questions, ones I didn’t expect. The problem of evil is no exception. We struggle with evil, but why don’t we struggle with goodness?

Why is it we never flip the question around? If God is evil or does not exist, then we have the Problem of Good. Why would an evil God allow anything good to happen? If He doesn’t exist, how do we know what is good and evil to begin with? Maybe the evil and suffering we abhor are nothing more than the workings of our imagination over minor discomforts in the grand vacuum of a meaningless existence…


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