Why I am Pro-Life

by Sarah Ankenman

Why I am pro-lifeMany people assume that I am only pro-life because I am conservative and usually vote Republican. Or that my religious upbringing and personal beliefs tell me I am supposed to be. While both those things are true, I have other reasons for being pro-life (six to be exact): my mom, my sister, my brother, myself, my son, and my aborted sibling that I never met but will when I get to heaven. It wasn’t until I was an adult myself that my mom told me her entire testimony. She had an abortion at fifteen years old and said that when she went to get the procedure done, they told her that it was just some tissue that needed to be removed, and she said that as a fifteen-year-old that didn’t know any better, she believed them.

What they didn’t tell her was that she would have permanent scar tissue that would make her unable to have any more children. The serious side-effects are one thing they will never tell you at a Planned Parenthood clinic. She found out when she went to a doctor at age eighteen (three years later) and the doctor said there was nothing he could do but give her a hysterectomy and said that they might as well finish the job that she started at 15. She refused and went to a prayer meeting where they prayed that she would be healed. She wasn’t sure if she was healed but trusted God with her future, no matter what. Miraculously, she ended up getting pregnant again at age 23, but again, was not married and was not in a position to keep the baby. She knew, however, that she could not and would not have another abortion. She was able to carry the baby to term, and ended up giving her up for adoption. That baby grew up to be my awesome sister Kristina.

Kristina and I grew up in different homes with different families, but miraculously stayed in the same state. I found her on Myspace a few years ago, and showed my mom, who reached out to her. Kristina grew up to have an amazing life, and her adoptive family was totally blessed to have her. She works at Kaiser Permanente, helping kids and their families with counseling and therapy.

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I am so completely grateful my mom chose life for her because I always wanted a sister and now I have one. When people have abortions, they don’t even consider the affect it will have on future siblings who might benefit from their presence in their lives. My mom went back to the doctor who recommended her hysterectomy later on and told him that she was healed by God and able to have kids because she walked out of the clinic trusting God instead of man. That doctor stopped performing abortions and “fixing” them with hysterectomies because of my mom’s story. Turns out he was a former Catholic who was already feeling guilty about his work…


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